VM Coaching was born out of the desire to bring out the true potential of clients interested in water-sports, and in the last 5 years has been offering a range of aquatic activities for all ages; from introductory courses for little ones, through to personal development and physical advancement for teens and adults.

A passion for diving is at the very heart of the activities on offer, as well as discovery and progression into the world of Stand-up Paddle, up to competition level, via one of VM Coaching’s satellite branches – Belgium Paddle.

Why choose VM Coaching ?

VM Coaching is all about providing bespoke solutions for all its clients, whether it be for an entrance test for amateurs, or competition level preparation for professionals, or for those who are simply in search of overall wellbeing – our service adapts to your needs.

In order to give its clients the best tools for achieving their goals, VM Coaching combines a mental support program to accompany the physical approach, giving the ideal foundation for success.


At a fundamental level, by listening to your needs and identifying your objectives, we provide the appropriate support ideally suited to you. This is more than a simple training program, we follow up on any concerns or doubts, we go above and beyond to keep you motivated, so that you will reach your goal.

Over the years, VM Coaching has continued to surround itself with qualified individuals to expand its team.

Who is VM Coaching?

Valérian Mathonet (VM) is a qualified coach and has been passionate about
water-sports since adolescence. He has worked tirelessly to perfect and refine his techniques, equipping himself with the best possible tools and discovering all the activities connected to his passion. After 17 years of supervision, indoor group lessons, and private coaching support, he has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of clientele of all ages and from all walks of life.

His drive and motivation is everything to do with the sea. When small, he was afraid of the water and yet it called to him… yes, you read that right!… then something clicked which changed everything! This in turn lead him to offer lessons to little ones, so that they too could experience a stress free aquatic environment.

His strong family values enable him to keep his inner strength, to overcome
obstacles, developing a constant curiosity and desire to succeed. All the while evolving conscious listening , intelligence, compassion, and the inner knowing that comes from overcoming Self, the realisation of one’s own abilities and skills; which is akin to looking at a piece of art that evokes an undeniable emotion.

A veteran of 15 years in international underwater hockey, he has the soul of a competitor. Through personal experience he understands the uncertainties and doubts that high level competition athletes can feel. This is why he enables each individual to find the right environment and their own space through personal and mental development.

His dream is for everyone to be at ease in the water. Regaining self confidence, moving forward independently, gaining to new tools at each stage so as not to rest only with what has been learned, in order to continually progress. Valérian knows that though the world may sometimes be difficult to understand and often a source of problems, it is also a world to be discovered.

Valérian invites you to dare to become the best version of yourself! With VM Coaching, it is PASSION DISCOVERY COMPASSION EMPATHY.


Diplôme Crossfit Scaling course.

Participation in many differents Webinars about paddle technique (Céline Guesdon, Connor Baxter, Fiona Wylde, Sonni Hönscheid, Michael Booth, Larry Cain).

Diplome Fresh air educators – Paddle sport safety course – stand up paddle safety (Nsw government – Australia)

Diplôme IOSup coaching level 1 (international organization stand up paddle – Spain)

Diplôme ACA Paddlesports Course ( American Canoe Association)

Diplôme CrossFit Running (Specialized in Pose méthod)

Diplôme CrossFit Judge certificate

Diplôme Niveau 1 ASCA (Ameican swimming coaches association)

Diplôme d ‘animateur en Squash (LFS – Adeps)

Diplôme de Personal Trainer du CFD Bruxelles

Diplôme Cours généraux Moniteur Sportif Educateur ADEPS (Louvain-la-Neuve)

Formation bébé nageurs par Denis Dumonceau – New Archimede (Bruxelles)

Diplôme Cours généraux Moniteur Sportif Initiateur ADEPS (Louvain-la-Neuve)

Diplôme de Mental Coaching par MentalyFit MCS (Alain Goudsmet) (Bruxelles)

Formation Sales Through Service (customer service) (Bruxelles)

Formation Be More (customer service) (Bruxelles)

Diplôme de dirigeant de clubs sportif ADEPS niveau 1 (Rixensart)

Diplôme de dirigeant de clubs sportif Bénévole AISF (Rixensart)
Diplôme de Connaissance Gestion de Base à l’EPFC (Bruxelles)
Certificat d’aptitude de responsable de l’accueil dans un centre de bronzage (Liège)
Formation en anglais par CLL (Bruxelles)
Formation 4U (formation en communication et gestion des conflits) (Bruxelles)
Formation d’initiateur natation et activités aquatiques à la Fédération Francophone belge de natation (formation reconnue par l’Adeps) (LLN)
Diplôme BSSA à la Ligue Francophone Belge de Sauvetage (LLN)
Etudes de comptabilité à l’EPFC (Bruxelles)
Etudes de Technicien en comptabilité à l’EPFC (Bruxelles)
Certificat de la meilleure présentation au concours de « la » Mini-entreprise, participation avec CHUT, Cherry Hot United Textiles du collège St-Hubert (M3439)
Humanités à l’Athénée Royale de Watermael-Boitsfort, Mathématiques/Espagnol




Plongée et Secourisme :

PADIAssistant Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor
Speciality Instructor : PPB, Aware Specialty, Aware coral reef, EFR Care For Children, Digital Underwater Photography, Emergency Oxygen Provider
DANBasic Life Support Instructor First Aid instructor Oxygen First Aid For Scubba Diving Injuries Instructor Advanced Oxygen First Aid For Scuba Diving Injuries Instructor Médical Oxygen Rebreather Instructor First Aid For Hazardous Marine Life Instructor (AED) Automated External Défibrillator For Scuba Diving Instructor DES Diving Emergency Spécialist F.O.P.- test / recherche, Research Diver
ADIP/CEDIPInstructor 2* Extended Range Instructor Instructeur Plongée Enfant Cave Instructor
CMASCMAS/LIFRAS Plongeur 2* CMAS/LIFRAS C.F.P.S. (certificat fédéral de premiers secours) CMAS/LIFRAS Certificat de plongeur Souterrain CMAS/LIFRAS qualification vêtement étanche CMAS Adv Nitrox Instructor CMAS Extanded range Instructor CMAS Cavern Instructor CMAS SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Instructor CMAS SCR Dräger Ray Rebreather Instructor
IANTDOpen Water Scuba Instructor EANx & Advanced EANx Instructor Open-Water Side-mount Instructor
      SDIDPV Instructor Self-Sufficient Instructor SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Diver Open Water Scuba Instructor Solo Diving Instructor Speciality Instructor: Buoyancy, Marine Ecosystems Awareness, Night-Limited Visibility, Underwater navigation, Boat, Deep, Underwater Photography, Dry Suit, CPR1st, CPROX, CPROX1st AED, Wreck, Wreck Limited Penetration, Search and Recovery Diving, Full Face Mask, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift Diving, Visual inspection Procedures, Equipment Specialist, Sidemount, Computer Nitrox,
TDINitrox & Adv Nitrox Instructor Intro To Tech Instructor Décompression Procédures Instructor Extanded Range Instructor Cavern Instructor DPV Cave Instructor Sidemount Instructor SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Instructor SCR Dräger Ray Rebreather Instructor
EUFEUF Instructor Level 2. (European Underwater Federation)
Autres :ETDA/CEDIP plongeur 4* CROIX-ROUGE B.E.P.S. (brevet européen de premiers secours) BSSA Brevet Supérieur de Sauvetage Aquatique ILS International Lifesaver ADEPS Brevet d’Initiateur Natation et Disciplines Associées (ENP)
 – Plus de 400 plongées, plus de 550 élèves certifiés.


Sports Event, Valérian did : Titan Swim 2018, Reebok CrossFit Open 2016, 2017 and 2020, Nautic Paddle Paris 2019.

In his sport (underwater hockey), Valérian Win 9 times the Belgium championship, 5 times the Belgian cup (on 6 events), he play 10 international championships with belgium team (european and world championship) and play 100 games for his country.