Energize Yourself


The key to performance is Energy Management. 

We all know the 3 golden combinations for success: 

IQ (Intelligence – Brain – Mental Energy) 

QE (Engagement – Heart – Emotional Energy) 

QC (Health – Body – Physical Energy) 


In this changing world, a new dimension emerges QS (Spiritual Quotient). Balance and meaning (why) are important for individuals and organizations. 

Our objective is to develop your  individuals energy on four axes (QI – QE – QC – QS) to guide them to the path of excellence.

While people are primarily recruited for their IQ abilities, a reward or promotion will be more often awarded for social and relational abilities (QE). On the other hand, long-term human performance depends on continued attention to physical maintenance and health (QC).


Our programs on personal energy offer concrete personal reinforcement techniques. 

Discover how to perform better under high pressure while maintaining a good quality of life and health.

Improve commitment and actions within your team. 

Provide an environment, workplace that gives the tools to cope with pressure and where individuals can create their own energy stock.

Energize your Team


Sharing energy, exploring how leaders oxygenate the organization and optimize the energy of their teams, creating opportunities for people development, stimulating empowerment, accountability and trust amongst team members and between departments.

Originating from the world of team sports, the workshop offers original methods and practical techniques of team management to enable managers to build and rebuild the energy stock of their teams:

How to cascade vitality and emotional energy

How to feed the pipeline of good and talented people

How to manage egos and solo players when managing a Group


“Emotion” is the magic word of successful team leaders and coaches. They know precisely how to stimulate and lead their people towards top performance objectives. EQ skills are the most important leading competences to set people in motion and guide them towards Excellence. A well-defined and communicated purpose is closely associated with better team performance, reinforcing trust with stakeholders. The Mentally Fit methodology is based on EQ, with a toolbox of practical coaching tools to transform IQ Visions into EQ Ambitions.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

-Give sense: Communicate a sense of purpose, and focus teams on priority areas.

-Simplify: Cut through the complexity to extract the core messages.

-Stretch their minds for mental agility, openness and proactivity when facing new challenges.

-Rely on technology in the digital age to manage teams remotely.



We Propose Coaching Mental in BtoB for 80€/1h. The Starter Session is a session of 3h, then we can propose coaching on demande.

For Team Coaching, please contact Us.


Our Coach Valérian was diplomed from Mentallyfit coaching School, and have yet work with managers, directors, sports clubs and national teams.