Immersion Diving Staff :


    Valérian Mathonet (Val)

SDI : Open Water Scuba Instructor.

DPV Instructor, Self-Sufficient Instructor, Solo Diving Instructor, Snorkeling Instructor.

SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Diver.

Speciality Instructor: Buoyancy, Marine Ecosystems Awareness, Night-Limited Visibility, Underwater navigation, Boat, Deep, Underwater Photography, Dry Suit, CPR1st, CPROX, CPROX1st AED, Wreck, Wreck Limited Penetration, Search and Recovery Diving, Full Face Mask, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift Diving, Visual inspection Procedures, Equipment Specialist, Sidemount, Computer Nitrox, Computer diver , Dive Experience Leader.

TDI : Nitrox & Adv Nitrox Instructor, Intro To Tech Instructor, Décompression Procédures Instructor, Extanded Range Instructor, Cavern Instructor, DPV Cave Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Instructor, SCR Dräger Ray Rebreather Instructor,

FRT : Adult and child Emergency Care Instructor, Oxygen Administration Instructor, Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor.

IANTD : Open Water Scuba Instructor, EANx & Advanced EANx Instructor, Open-Water Side-mount Instructor, Tek Open water DPV Instructor, Self Sufficient Instructor.

PADI : Assistant Instructor.
Speciality Instructor : PPB, Aware Specialty, Aware coral reef, EFR Care For Children, Digital Underwater Photography, Emergency Oxygen Provider.

EFR : Emergency First Response Instructor, Care for children w/AED Instructor.

DAN : Basic Life Support Instructor First Aid instructor Oxygen First Aid For Scubba Diving Injuries Instructor Advanced Oxygen First Aid For Scuba Diving Injuries Instructor Médical Oxygen Rebreather Instructor First Aid For Hazardous Marine Life Instructor (AED) Automated External Défibrillator For Scuba Diving Instructor DES Diving Emergency Spécialist F.O.P.- test / recherche, Research Diver

CMAS : CMAS/LIFRAS Plongeur 2*, CMAS/LIFRAS C.F.P.S. (certificat fédéral de premiers secours), CMAS/LIFRAS Certificat de plongeur Souterrain, CMAS/LIFRAS qualification vêtement étanche.

CMAS Adv Nitrox Instructor, CMAS Extanded range Instructor, CMAS Cavern Instructor, CMAS SCR Dräger Dolphin Rebreather Instructor, CMAS SCR Dräger Ray Rebreather Instructor.

ADIP/CEDIP : Instructor 2*, Extended Range Instructor, Instructeur Plongée Enfant, Cave Instructor.

EUF : EUF Instructor Level 2. (European Underwater Federation)

Autres : ETDA/CEDIP plongeur 4*, CROIX-ROUGE B.E.P.S. (brevet européen de premiers secours), BSSA Brevet Supérieur de Sauvetage Aquatique ILS International Lifesaver ADEPS Brevet d’Initiateur Natation et Disciplines Associées (ENP), ASCA Swimming instructor level 1.


Valérian have more than 400 dives and have give more than 550 certifications.


Sébastien Wilem (Seb-Neotec)

Technical Instructor Trainer:
Advanced EANx & Advanced Recreational Trimix, EANx & Trimix Gas Blender, Tek Lite & Essentials, Course Director.

Technical Instructor:
Tek Lite & Essentials, EANx & Trimix Gas Blender, OW side mount, Tek Open Water DPV, Self Sufficient, ART CCR – Megalodon, Advanced EANx & Advanced Recreational Trimix, Normoxic Trimix OC/CCR, Trimix OC/CCR, Expedition Trimix, Cavern OC/CCR, Intro to Cave OC/CCR, Technical Cave OC, CCR Cave, Advanced Cave Sidemount – no mount, Advanced Cave DPV, Advanced Cave Multi stages, Technical Wreck OC, CCR Wreck.

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Specialities: Deep, Dive Experience Leader, Underwater Photography, Advanced Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Dry suit, Night Limited Visibility, Wreck, DPV, Sidemount, Solo.

Instructor Trainer DAN:
DAN BLS + DEA + FA + Pediatric + 02 + Adv. O2 Provider + Neuro on site + HMLI.

Autres: Scaphandrier Classe 2A IDSA (Belgium Commercial Diving School, Master Scuba Diver Trainer PADI, Apprentice Cave Instructor NSS-CDS, 3 Stars Instructor CMAS, 3 Stars Instructor CEDIP, Instructor Handicapped Scuba Association.


Sébastien have more than 2200 dives and have give more than 250 certifications.


Hugues D’Haeyer (Hugy).

SDI : Dive Master.

Master Scuba Diver, Deep Diver, Nitrox diver.

FRT : Adult and Child Emergency Care, Oxygen Administration.

FFESSM : Niveau 3 (PA40 PA 60), E1 , PSC1, RIFAP, Nitrox, Bio N1.


Hugues have more than 150 dives.





Our teachers give courses : SDI, TDI, FRT, IANTD, CMAS, PADI, EFR, DAN, ADIP-CEDIP.

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