Belgium Paddle – Stand Up Paddle Yoga :

We propose Stand-Up Paddle Yoga courses, Delphine’s a Physiotherapiste who give stretching and yoga courses from 10 years in private and collective classes.

Come to try the yoga session, in the wonderfull lake of Renipont. We wait to you.

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Belgium Paddle – Stand Up Paddle Initiations :

We propose Stand-Up paddle Initiations, safety instructions, basics instructions, and first steps to paddle.

We open the initiations from 8 years old kids (and good swimming skills).

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Belgium Paddle – Stand Up Paddle PT :

We Propose Special cours if you want to learn more about Stand-Up Paddle, how to fit equipment, technical race, enduro race, cardio training.

we can help you for many aspects of the Stand-Up Paddle.

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You can see there an article from Sub Press (29/06/2020).

We hope to see you soon in our wonderfull lake. visite the page :

Adresse : La Plage De Renipont, 9 rue du pont, 1380 Lasne-Chapelle-Saint-Lambert.

Belgium paddle exits in Belgium.


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Belgium paddle : belgiumpaddle@gmail.Com

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Security : We take care about the security, so we ask all the time to the paddlers to Use a Leash and Wear a Life Jacket.
We are certified by ACA, American Canoé Association.